Challenge Events kick off new industry sector focus in Maryland

Initiated this year, a new statewide industry sector focus on agriculture tech, aquaculture tech, and environmental tech is underway. Starting with a series of one-day Challenge Events for students, a pipeline of programs will aid in encouraging innovations and new technologies in Maryland's traditional industries of agriculture and seafood. Starting on the Eastern Shore, one-day hackathons are being scheduled at various colleges and universities during Spring 2017. Challenge Events statewide will be scheduled starting 2018.

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F³ Tech (Farm-Fish-Food) is a statewide private/public initiative that is creating a new renaissance of economic growth and prosperity through innovation and technology which is built upon rural Maryland’s traditional resource-based industries of agriculture, seafood, and the environment. The overall program consists of three components that provide a pipeline through which innovators, startups, and existing businesses with new product and service ideas and innovations can achieve commercialization. The initiative includes partners and resources from throughout Maryland’s, rural as well as urban. [Read more…]



is the sector description defining the new opportunities for technology and products that will assist in the feeding of a projected 10 billion global inhabitants by 2050, using technology in areas from the field to the table, in a way that will improve yield, efficiency, and profitability



is the application of one or more of environmental science, green chemistry, environmental monitoring, electronic devices and other products and technologies that monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources, and curb the negative impacts of human involvement



is the farming of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants, algae, and other aquatic organisms and involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions, and can be contrasted with commercial fishing


Starting in 2017, F³ Tech is a collaborative statewide initiative primarily focused on impacting the rural areas of Maryland. In contrast to the other industry sector focuses in the more urban Baltimore/Washington corridor, F³ Tech seeks to elevate a focus on rural Maryland’s traditional industries of agriculture and seafood. These rural areas include Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, and Western Maryland. The overall program consists of three components that provide a pipeline through which innovators, startups, and existing businesses with new product and service ideas and innovations can achieve commercialization. [Read more…]

Challenge Events

Challenge Events

One-day hackathon events at area colleges and universities. Student teams respond to real-world market-driven challenges working to develop new innovations and technologies which can be commercialized.
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A 6-week virtual program that is targeted to individuals or teams with early-stage ideas and are gearing up to participate in a more traditional accelerator program or for an early product launch – but aren't quite ready yet.
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A 4-month program that rigorously prepares startups for product/service launch and commercialization through concentrated mentorship, training, networking, and investment.
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Tech Businesses! Propose A Challenge to F³ Tech

Businesses and tech startups are invited to submit ideas in agritech, aquatech, or envirotech that could be included in upcoming Challenge Events. Businesses that submit selected challenges will be connected with student teams and resulting ideas that may also advance further in the accelerator program.

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F³ Tech could not be possible without the generous support and participation of the below sponsors. [Read more…]

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Mentors, coaches, investors, and other valuable members of the agriculture, aquaculture, environmental, innovation, and startup ecosystems are who provide the richness to the accelerator program. The interactions and counsel they provide to participating startups is the most valuable aspect of the program’s content. [Read more…]

  • Tom Haschen
    Tom Haschen
  • Tony Kern
    Tony Kern

    Managing Member at PinOak Partners Investment Group

    Deloitte Deputy Managing Partner Tech Media & Telecomm (Retired)

  • Tommy Luginbill
    Tommy Luginbill

    Director of the Entrepreneur & Innovation Institute at College of Southern Maryland

  • Mike Thielke
    Mike Thielke

    Regional Innovation

    Startup Training & Support

    Executive Director at Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center

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For questions and additional details, you are welcome to contact the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center which is the lead organization administering the F³ Tech Accelerator Program

  • Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center
    8737 Brooks Drive, Suite 101
    Easton, MD 21601

  • 410.770.9330