Application Deadline for 2020 Cohort AUGUST 1, 2020

Up to $42,500* in seed funding available to startups accepted into the 2020 F³ Tech Accelerator program

The F³ Tech Accelerator program aids early-stage startups focused on commercializing innovations and new technologies within the agriculture, aquaculture and environmental technology sectors.  F³ Tech emphasizes a focus on advancing customer discovery & interaction, expediting revenue development and adding confidence on behalf of the nation’s agribusinesses to investing in innovative early-stage companies.  This is accomplished through direct interaction with global industry, coordinating their most pertinent technological needs to increase innovation and solutions development by attracting the strongest entrepreneurs in each sector.  This targeted and intentional approach accelerates a startup’s ability to scale and obtain follow-on investment, as well as expedites potential investors return on their investment.

The 2020 Cohort for the F³ Tech Accelerator program starts on September 8, 2020.  Applications are now being accepted through August 1, 2020.  Applications will be evaluated and narrowed to 10 semi-finalists who will attend a two-day event in Columbia, Maryland during which semi-finalists will be interviewed and vetted prior to determining the 5 finalists which will be invited into the program.

During the 4-month program, cohort companies will participate in two weekly interactive webinar sessions along with weekly mentoring sessions with program staff and subject matter experts.  Additionally, companies will attend a three-day, two-night weekend session each month for more intense one-on-one and group mentoring and coaching.  The program will end with a Demo Day event at which the Best of Cohort company will be awarded with a $25,000 convertible note.

Applications are now being accepted for five companies in the 4-month 2020 Accelerator starting September 8, 2020.


2019 Cohort Companies

Accelerator Information

2020 Accelerator Schedule

  • 26 interactive webinar sessions
  • 4 weekend sessions in Maryland
  • Attendance and exhibiting at Maryland TEDCO Entrepreneur Expo (1,000 attendees)
  • 1 Demo Day
  • Repeated Mentoring by Subject Matter Experts
  • Up to 10 hours of Financial Planning Assistance and positioning your company for investors from Professional CFO
  • Up to 5 hours of Legal & Intellectual Property Assistance from IP Attorney
Available Seed Funding
  • $7,500 awarded to each company upon acceptance into program
  • Mini-Grants available upon approved application
    • $5,000 Technology Validation mini-grant
    • $2,500 Market Validation mini-grant
    • $2,500 Customer Discovery mini-grant
  • $25,000 Demo Day award to Best of Cohort company
Important Dates for Application Process
  • Application Deadline August 1, 2020
  • 10 Semi-Finalists Announced August 5, 2020
  • Semi-Finalist Weekend Session August 21-22, 2020

F³ Tech covers expenses for one startup member to attend weekend session in Columbia, MD in order for Accelerator program leaders are able to interview, vet, and view presentations in order to assess which companies will be among the five accepted into the 2020 cohort.

  • 5 Finalists Announced August 24, 2020
  • Accelerator Starts September 8, 2020


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Activites By Month


Session 1 Orientation about F³ Tech and accelerator program
Session 2 Program goals
Weekend 1 Show me who your want to be ‐ product/service/market
Cambridge ‐ Aquaculture Field Trip
Session 3 Setting commercial goals
Session 4 Pitch practice ‐ assess changes from Weekend 1
Session 5 Company formation, NDAs, IP and trade secrets
Session 6 Operating agreements, partners and ownership
Session 7 Pricing ‐ levels, layers and distribution
Session 8 Building sales before funding ‐ capitalizing pre‐investment


Session 9 The decision to fund from venture capital and how much equity is worth
Session 10 Financials projections and business modeling
Weekend 2 Financial Strategy and organization
Upper Eastern Shore MD ‐ Dairy Farm Field Trip
Integral CFO will attend the weekend and start working with startups
Session 11 CFO private calls with each group ‐ financial update
Session 12 Financial revisions presented to group
TEDCO Entrepreneur Expo ‐ College Park
Session 13 TEDCO Expo Recap & Pitch practice
Session 14 Short‐ and long‐term planning ‐ operations, finance and personal milestones
Session 15 Brand development ‐ Who do we want to be and why should you buy from us


Session 16 Marketing, media, press and timing
Session 17 Digital marketing ‐ identifying the correct platform and analyzing ROI
Session 18 Press Releases and Timing
Session 19 Defining the minimum viable product/service
Weekend 3 Marketing and Branding
California, MD ‐ Regional Ag Center/Meat Processing Field Trip
Session 20 Are you still on the right track?
Session 21 Leadership and trust
Session 22 Managing sales, operations and people


Session 23 Scaling and diversifying revenue
Session 24 Private mentor review before final pitch
Weekend 4 Customer Acquisition & Investors
Columbia, MD ‐ Give presentations to sample investors and industry representatives
Session 25 Program debrief and cohort feedback
Session 26 Final internal pitch to cohort
Demo Day

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