Key Highlights from the Lunch and Learn Town Hall

On January 10th and 12th, the F3 Tech SEDI Program Director and Program Administrator held a Lunch and Learn Town Hall for the stakeholders from Bowie, Coppin, Delaware State, Morgan, University of Delaware, and University of Maryland Eastern Shore to discuss the specifics of the initiative and how we will build a partnership for success with:

  1. Capacity Building: Providing technical assistance services and resources to assist with launching and developing scalable and investable businesses. 
  2. Access to Capital: Providing technical assistance to apply for state SSBCI programs and/or other similar federal, state, or local government programs that promote American entrepreneurship and democratize access to startup capital across the country. Including the facilitation of investor meetings, pitches, demo days, crowdfunding, and other capital introduction events. 
  3.  Access to Networks: Providing resources and introductions that help connect minority and other underserved entrepreneurs to a larger community of business mentors, coaches, service providers, subject matter experts, and peers who understand and address specific challenges, along with industry and investor networks. 

Upcoming Kick-off Meetings

Eager to get started, two of the HBCU’s and one of the MANRRS chapters have scheduled kick-off meetings in February.


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