Probiotic Fertilizer Manufacturer Holganix Named Winner of 2021 F3 Tech Investor Presentations


Holganix named winner of 2021 F3 Tech Investor Presentations

This year’s F3 Tech portfolio includes advancements from crop protection to soil health and a breakthrough in rechargeable alkaline technology

The expert guidance and industry contacts we received through the F3 Tech accelerator program are invaluable as we look to fully scale up and reach our maximum commercial potential

— Barrett Ersek, CEO and founder of Holganix

Easton, MD (December 15, 2021) – Following an exciting pitch competition, F3 Tech, a leading commercialization program for early-stage companies supported by the nonprofit Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center, has announced Holganix as the winner of the 2021 Investor Presentations and with it a $25,000 prize.

Holganix is a manufacturer of proprietary plant probiotics that harness the power of microorganisms to optimize soils and grow healthier, more sustainable plants. Its leading product is the award-winning Holganix Bio 800+, proven to improve crop yields and root mass, while reducing the need for harmful pesticides.

“The expert guidance and industry contacts we received through the F3 Tech accelerator program are invaluable as we look to fully scale up and reach our maximum commercial potential,” said Barrett Ersek, CEO and founder of Holganix, who together with his leadership team, hold more than 24 patents in the agricultural industry.

F3 Tech was created in 2018 to develop a comprehensive and commercially focused AgTech accelerator program, focused on rapidly advancing the needs of industry partners by identifying the best early-stage teams capable of providing solutions to emerging problems faced in agriculture today. The team works closely with the private investment and Fortune 500 community to identify the technological and solutions needs they are facing in real time.

According to F3 Tech Program Director Chris Hlubb, the investor presentations were judged on what he calls the 3 M’s: “Our program functions with three goals in mind – Maryland, as an ideal location to develop early-stage companies using our proximity to immense academic, government, military and leadership resources; Manufacturing, to increase the security of the products we develop by enhancing not just job creating but promoting the use of automation and advanced systems; and Money, that reality that early-stage companies need to be close to as many sources of funding and commercial opportunities as possible to expedite their success.”

The 2021 F3 Tech portfolio includes a wide array of advancements from crop protection to soil health as well as a major breakthrough in rechargeable alkaline technology, a non-toxic battery that can reduce the negative effects seen today in industry. The portfolio was introduced to major industry companies
such as the Stanley Group, Perdue’s Agribusiness division and FMC to name a few. The companies that competed in the pitch include Urban Electric Power, 5Metis, and Lepidext.

“Establishing a path to commercial success is the greatest hurdle an early-stage company can overcome,” said Hlubb. “In our experience, in some ways it doesn’t matter how you generate your first revenue but rather how quickly you can. Too often, early-stage companies are relegated to an endless application process for grants. We take the alternate approach of diversifying product value and scalability to identify the fastest opportunities possible to financial stability. Our network helps to bring in new or alternative viewpoints from industry advisors with a goal to help them close any opportunity that presents itself as quickly as possible.”

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The F3 Tech Accelerator Program is an initiative of the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC). It provides funding and support for early-stage companies to prepare them for potential investment from the future F3 Tech Seed Fund, industry partners, and investors. For more information, please visit:

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