F3 Tech Opens Applications for Accelerator Program Focusing on AgTech, Aquaculture and Energy Storage Sectors

F3 Tech Opens Applications for Accelerator Program Focusing on AgTech, Aquaculture and Energy Storage Sectors

F3 Tech Accelerator Program –  $450K in Funding and Professional Services Available

Easton, MD (April 5, 2021)F3 Tech, a leading commercialization program for early-stage companies, is looking for innovations in the agriculture, aquaculture and energy storage sectors to participate in its 4th Accelerator Program. Startups and early-stage companies within alternative feed, energy storage, crop health, advanced chemical discovery and agricultural biotech solutions are the focus for this year’s Accelerator and encouraged to apply.

“These are growing and dynamic sectors and we are excited to work with these companies to bring their innovations to market on behalf of our partners in industry,” said Chris Hlubb, Program Director of F3 Tech Accelerator Program, now in its fourth year. “We have developed our most advanced application process yet using Qualtrics software to engineer the process for our key topics of interest. We hope it drives further applicants and awareness of the program.

The F3 Tech Accelerator Program requires no equity from participants, a unique value proposition for many early-stage companies. Up to $450,000 in funding and professional services will be available to companies in this year’s program. They will receive:

  • Funding to expedite commercialization
  • Executive support and coaching to prepare each company for potential investment
  • Executive guidance for potential acquisition and/or commercial launch
  • Connections to related industry clients, investors and customers


The F3 Tech Accelerator Program has worked hard to attract companies led by under-represented groups. Since its inception, one-third of the participating companies have had female leaders and one-third have had immigrant or first-generation leaders. In 2020, 60% were led by members of minority groups and 80% had executive team members from minority groups. Participants in last year’s program can be found here.

The deadline to apply for the F3 Tech Accelerator Program is June 30, 2021. Finalists will be announced in August and the program will start on September 7, 2021.

To apply for the F3 Tech Accelerator Program, please visit: https://f3tech.org/program/accelerator/.

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About F3 Tech Accelerator

The F3 Tech Accelerator Program provides funding and support for early-stage companies to prepare them for potential investment from the future F3 Tech Seed Fund, industry partners, and investors. For more information, please visit: https://f3tech.org/.