Sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation, and Hatch Blue. If you are familiar with the AIC, please keep reading; there have been a few changes to the competition. If you are new to AIC, you are in for a treat.

The AIC mission is to find bright minds, with great ideas for creating positive environmental and social impact on the aquaculture industry, and help them achieve their ambitions. AIC connects its finalists to knowledge, networks, finance and capital and exposes them to the critical (and helpful) eye of a multi-disciplinary team of industry professionals. This team, made up of Indonesian and foreign individuals from financial institutions, shrimp related businesses, knowledge partners, government institutions and NGO’s, will oversee the process and act as proposal judges and boot camp coaches.

Source: Sign up for the Aquaculture Innovation Challenge Indonesia Kick-Off Event Now! – Aquaculture Innovation Challenge

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