John Phipps Revisits “Dirt Is Destiny”

John Phipps Revisits “Dirt Is Destiny”

Image result for dirtEighteen years ago, I wrote a column (below) questioning the over-used maxim “Cash is King.” My assertion was cash has many advantages over other assets like land, but for farmers, dirt was destiny, that is, a more powerful tool to secure a desired future. Obviously, it had little lasting impact, since the phrase remains a staple of financial advisers and ag economists.

Last year, my county Farm Bureau (Edgar, Ill.) marked its 100th anniversary. As part of the commemoration, a special edition of the county plat book (traditionally sponsored by Farm Bureau) was published. In it were juxtaposed the most current land ownership maps and the oldest previous map on file for our county, circa 1920. It was a sentimental, but simultaneously revealing comparison across pages and a century of time.

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Source: John Phipps Revisits “Dirt Is Destiny” – AgWeb

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