IEDC 2018 Annual Conference | September 30 - October 3 ...Given its eons-long role in the rise of human civilization, it’s pretty tough to speak of agriculture as “the next big thing.”  But, there is a fascinating and transformative revolution underway in the world of food and agriculture.  At the broadest level, it’s likely to change everything about how we live, but it will also create lots of interesting market trends and business opportunities in the process.  Smart communities and smart economic developers can and should try to understand what’s on the way.  This issue of EntreWorks Insights attempts to provide my own take on what’s happening.   I’m no expert on agriculture, but I’ve been in the midst of a learning adventure in recent months—thanks in part to some ongoing work on behalf of AgriNovus Indiana, the state’s lead advocate for the agbiosciences.  The good folks at AgriNovus deserve no blame for any errors I might present below, but they have inspired me about the exciting potential that surrounds the agbiosciences.

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