Gearing up to release our 10th issue of En Root, we contemplated the very best topic to bring into focus. As we celebrate the [overwhelming] success of the Summer 2018 Legacy Cohort Internship Program and launch back into university life, we thought there was no better subject to highlight than that of leadership. OutGrowth promotes a re-imagined approach to education and personal development, and thus we have an obligation to revisit a topic that is so integral to professional success and fulfillment. The concept of the “natural born leader” is fading, and we are taking this opportunity to offer a fresh perspective, looking at those skills, characteristics and qualities that make the truly great leaders effective. What practices can we adopt (or empower others to adopt) starting today so that we are changing our communities, employees, classrooms and workplace cultures for the better? Happy reading. Grow out with us.

Source: En Root: The OutGrowth Monthly Newsletter | Volume Ten, September 2018

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