Saltwater Intrusion Symposium Being Live Streamed – Nov 22

Saltwater Intrusion Symposium Being Live Streamed – Nov 22

As flooding increases, saltwater is seeping into surface and groundwater as well as the soil itself with the potential for massive changes in coastal ecosystems from tree die-off in coastal forests, the loss of freshwater wetlands, and diminished agricultural productivity. Saltwater intrusion can also contaminate critical freshwater sources that people depend on for clean drinking water, reliable irrigation, and other needs.

F³ Tech, an Easton based accelerator program creating economic growth and prosperity through innovation and technology in agriculture and seafood, is hoping to bring greater awareness and understanding of this important issue during the Responding to Saltwater Intrusion and Its Impact on Agriculture Symposium. Throughout the day, experts in the field will share insights, explore multidisciplinary approaches to understanding the problems that can lead to solution development, explore current research and solutions, and get a look into Maryland’s plan for addressing saltwater intrusion.



9:45-noon Livestream Morning Session

12:30 – 2pm Livestream The Noon Session

2pm – 3:30 Livestream The Afternoon Session


Friday – November 22, 2019  •  9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Outlook     Google
Doordan Institute (7th floor) – Belcher Pavillion
Anne Arundel Medical Center (directions)
2000 Medical Parkway Annapolis, MD 21401
FREE (includes lunch)
Limited Seating