2021 Investor Presentations

F3 Tech Investor Presentations Intro

Meet the 2021 F3 Tech portfolio companies! Five companies, from the fields of AgTech and clean energy storage, showcased their companies in 10-minute presentations to a panel of industry experts and government officials.

5metis Presentation

Meet 5Metis, an F3 Tech portfolio company. 5Metis is a pure-play discovery company for crop health. Led by industry veterans, the company closed on $10 million from investors in an oversubscribed Series A Preferred Stock financing round.

Lepidext Presentation

Meet Lepidext, an F3 Tech portfolio company. Lepidext is the producer of a patented bioinsecticide that is safe, effective and easy to use to control the corn earworm (aka cotton bollworm). Lepidext is a less costly alternative to chemical pesticides and can be used in both the organic and conventional farming of crops affected by the pest.

UEP Presentation

Meet Urban Electric Power, an F3 Tech portfolio company. Urban Electric Power revolutionizes the traditional alkaline battery transforming it into a safe, economic, reliable, and powerful zinc-manganese dioxide-based battery that’s now rechargeable. Imagine a world without the power outages that we’ve seen due to severe weather events, and say goodbye to noisy, smelly generators! The company is receiving national recognition and awards for the potential of its revolutionary energy storage technology.

Holganix Winner of 2021 F3 Tech Investor Presentations

Holganix is a manufacturer of proprietary plant probiotics that harness the power of microorganisms to optimize soils and grow healthier, more sustainable plants. Its leading product is the award-winning Holganix Bio 800+, proven to improve crop yields and root mass, while reducing the need for harmful pesticides.

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