Demo Day 2020 Videos

EnergyLink3 – BEST IN COHORT

A developer of lithium-ion battery storage and management systems for rural and defense applications. Through an exclusive license with C4V™, who has developed a Tesla-leading ultra-safe, less toxic technology that is currently being manufactured in the USA, EnergyLink3 is designing advanced mobile energy storage solutions at its Maryland headquarters.


A developer of self-powered wind turbine sensor technology which has recently completed its first pilot test in Talbot County, MD. The company’s technology allows monitoring systems and sensors to use the kinetic energy of the blades to power them, reducing operational costs and downtime.


A provider of automated “floatovoltaic” oyster production systems, designed and built in Baltimore, that have the potential to produce oysters in 45 times less space than traditional farms and filter up to 43 billion gallons of water per year.


A University of Maryland based company that has developed the world’s strongest wood-derived materials for use in the construction and automotive industries. Its revolutionary MettleWood ™ material has over 20 times the tensile strength of lumber and almost twice that of steel.

Vand Labs

A designer and manufacturer of innovative hyper-personalized water filtration systems focused on expanding small-scale hydroponics, based in Burlington, VT.