This Israeli Startup was just in DC This Month: DouxMatok Raises $22m Series B to Commercialize Sugar Reduction Tech

Sugar reduction technology developer DouxMatok has closed a $22 million Series B today led by Singapore-based BlueRed Partners alongside strategic investors Südzucker AG, the largest European sugar company, Royal DSM, a global leader in science-based nutrition, health and sustainable living, and Singha Ventures, a corporate venture fund of Singha Corporation, one of Thailand’s largest food & beverage conglomerates.  @f3techMD  #maryland #agritech #innovation

Source: BREAKING: DouxMatok...

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Feeding the World Along the New Silk Roads – Knowledge@Wharton

“A decentralized approach towards global agriculture may ensure that supply meets growing demand requirements, while also encouraging equitable participation regardless of geography,” write the authors of this opinion piece. They are Michael Ferrari, managing partner of Atlas Research Innovations , who is also on the faculty advisory committee for the Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership. His work focuses on the technology-environment-infrastructure nexus,...

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Grants Will help Delaware Small Businesses – Don’t Miss This Opportunity


Since my time as lieutenant governor and congressman, it has been clear to me Delaware could be doing more — and needed to be doing more — to suppor t small business.

As your governor, I have been looking for innovative ways to address that issue.

EDGE (Encouraging Development, Growth and Expansion) is one of the most important results of that effort.

Time and time again I hear from business owners about their challenges related to affordable health...

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The World’s Fastest Growing Protein Sector is Facing, and Creating, Serious Environmental Risks, and It’s Not Beef

You may not realize that seafood is the fastest-growing protein category, with an annual growth rate surpassing that of all land-based animal meat combined. But the fish farming industry is in need of innovation to mitigate and reduce environmental concerns.  @f3techMD #aquatech #aquaculture #maryland

Source: The World's Fastest Growing Protein Sector is Facing, and Creating, Serious Environmental Risks, and It's Not Beef - AgFunderNews

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Edible insects? Lab-grown meat? The real future food is lab-grown insect meat: Cultured insect tissue could combine the planet-saving best of insect farming, GM livestock, labriculture and plant-based meat substitutes.

Livestock farming is destroying our planet. It is a major cause of land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration, deforestation -- and of course, climate change. Plant-based diets, insect farming, lab-grown meat and genetically modified animals have all been proposed as potential solutions. Which is best? All of these combined, say researchers.  @f3techMD  #agritech #maryland #innovation

Source: Edible insects? Lab-grown meat? The real future food is...

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