Bethesda Green’s Innovation Lab welcomes members of MBIA member programs to attend the following virtual sessions.

Both sessions are going to be taught by Mac McCabe (bio below). 


Session #1: Scenario Planning. 

Tuesday, August 18th. 1-2:30pm.

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Many entrepreneurs accept deals without evaluating them well, missing both risks and opportunities to negotiate a better deal. Learn the concepts behind how different investment terms impact the bottom line and funding gap of your enterprise, and feel confident generating compelling data to negotiate for the best terms.

Session #2: Due Diligence

Tuesday, August 25th, 1-2:30pm

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The due diligence process between investor and enterprise can be long and involve a lot of back-and-forth. In this session, participants will learn how they can make the due diligence process work better for me and run more smoothly, know when this process is taking the wrong turn, and what options they have, and what the deal terms are they should consider (for their type of capital).

About Mac McCabe

Mac McCabe has been a consultant since 1989 working with small businesses and non-profits whose missions prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. He specializes in profit-driven, hands-on advising across all operating functions with specific emphasis on financial recording and reporting and budgeting and measurement versus plan. His experience is that small socially responsible businesses are so focused on their missions that the critical role of financial management is often a lesser priority. Some of his greatest pleasure is helping entrepreneurs and leaders to learn to get excited about really “knowing their numbers.”

Within his consulting work, Mac has sometimes served as the interim CEO for well-known socially responsible businesses, including Northeast Cooperatives (the original regional natural products wholesale grocer), clothing manufacturer Eileen Fisher, and the Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, renowned nationally as a model for hiring and employment in disenfranchised communities. Mac was also the co-founder (with Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm) and CEO of O’Naturals, the first organic and natural quick service restaurant chain in the country.

Mac moved to Maine in 1975 to be the Merchandise Manager of L. L. Bean and has held other management positions, including Director of the businesses at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He earned an MBA from Harvard University. He continues to live in Maine with his wife, a retired university professor, and works with clients throughout the country. He was the Treasurer of the Cathedral of Saint Luke in Portland, Maine, the home of the Maine Episcopal Diocese. Mac is currently the Treasurer of the Maine Council of Churches, a group of seven denominations that focuses on social justice and public policy issues.

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