F³ Tech Symposium – Spring 2018

Our next Symposium is being planned and will occur sometime April through June 2018

The location will be somewhere in the Baltimore/Washington DC corridor

The purpose of the symposium is to serve as a tool for engaging industry into the innovation ecosystem.  This one-day event includes a broad outreach among entrepreneurs, innovators, farmers, watermen, environmentalists, industry, investors, service providers, government agencies, and academic and research institutions.  The purpose is to advance awareness and an open dialogue with stakeholders about agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental technologies, to foster partnerships and relationships, and to create a shared understanding of what the market and industry needs and explore opportunities for creating value and impact from the F³ Tech sector and be an ongoing tool for sustaining and growing an industry-led incubation ecosystem.

Symposiums are held quarterly, rotating among the Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, Western Maryland, and the Baltimore/DC corridor.


The agenda will be posted in the coming weeks

Symposium Partners