Plastic Alternatives Sought in Aquaculture

The Wellfleet Shellfish Advisory Board and the shellfishing community are seeking ideas for alternative materials and innovative technology to reduce plastics in aquaculture. We are looking to either replace or find less impactful plastic materials in these common aquaculture products:

  • Zip ties
  • Grow bags
  • Plastic trays
  • Tags
  • Clam netting
  • Market onion bags
  • Any single-use plastic

Please share any leads to suppliers and manufacturers of these types of products that...

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Smart ponds on Walmart property aim to protect the Chesapeake Bay

The stormwater management technology is designed to address pollution and flooding. Through a partnership between state and private entities, it's being rolled out in four sites in Maryland.

Maryland is piloting new technology that’s designed to help curb pollution and flooding: Its transportation and environment departments are contributing $4 million to introduce smart ponds in four locations around the state.

The state government is also working with Boston-based tech...

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Facing soil crisis, US farmers look beyond corn and soybeans

Across the American Midwest and Plains, small groups of farmers are looking at their most important resource – the soil – and contemplating big change. Their grandfathers and great grandfathers planted trees for windbreaks and planted along the contours of the slopes rather than up and down them to reduce soil erosion. Their fathers began leaving crop stubble in their fields to improve moisture retention, and some gave up tilling the soil altogether. Now, the new generation of...

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F³ Tech Startup HiveLend Makes It To Final 10 in Ag Innovation Challenge 2020

Meet the Top Ten Semi-Finalist Teams

Ten semi-finalist teams were announced on Nov. 25 and awarded $10,000 each. All ten semi-finalist teams will travel to AFBF’s Annual Convention, in Austin, Texas, in January 2020, with all expenses paid, to compete in a live competition to be the Farm Bureau Entrepreneur of the Year. The ten teams will compete in Austin to advance to the final round where four teams will receive an additional $5,000 and compete live on stage in front of Farm Bureau...

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Food For Good Challenge

FAMAE is an independent family foundation that finances projects that reduce our environmental footprint in all areas of the circular economy: waste, water, food, mobility, air and energy.

Develop an innovative and concrete solution from field to fork to deliver fair, sustainable & healthy food, for everybody, everywhere.
2 millions € prize
applications closing on February 14th, 2020

Source: Famae

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OCP Innovation Challenge — $25,000

Calling all AgTech startups! Apply now to win a $25,000 cash prize and participate in a 3-month intensive commercialization program run by seasoned industry experts. You’ll receive customized mentorship, access to exclusive industry resources and events, and exposure to top investors to help advance your company, technology or idea to the next level.




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Saltwater Intrusion Symposium Being Live Streamed – Nov 22

As flooding increases, saltwater is seeping into surface and groundwater as well as the soil itself with the potential for massive changes in coastal ecosystems from tree die-off in coastal forests, the loss of freshwater wetlands, and diminished agricultural productivity. Saltwater intrusion can also contaminate critical freshwater sources that people depend on for clean drinking water, reliable irrigation, and other needs.

F³ Tech, an Easton based accelerator program creating economic...

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Global Innovations in Protecting the World’s Food Supply – Dec 11

Next month is the final installment of the 2019 AGILE Innovation Series: Global Innovations in Protecting the World's Food Supply. There is a food shortage, and the problem is growing. By 2050 the world will require 70% more food to feed its inhabitants. There are big innovations happening across the world's food supply chain, agriculture, oceans, distribution, and more. Whether you are a global executive, university leader, entrepreneur, or government official, this issue will affect...

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