Back to the future as innovators seek plastic alternatives

When Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland invented Bakelite in 1907, it was hailed as “the material of a thousand uses”. The production of synthetic plastics took off over the coming decades but now that the environmental cost of these miracle materials is becoming ever clearer, the hunt is on for more sustainable alternatives.

Source: Back to the future as innovators seek plastic alternatives | UN Environment

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5 ways to realize aquaculture’s full potential

These are just a few innovations making aquaculture one of the most intriguing corners of the food world — for entrepreneurs, investors, food purveyors and eaters alike.

Investing in the revolution makes sense on so many levels.

by Monica Jain Founder & Executive Director Fish 2.0

Source: 5 ways to realize aquaculture's full potential | GreenBiz

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Meet AgPitch18 Finalist, GreatAlga

Posted by Andrew Rose, MidAtlantic Farm Credit on LinkedIn

There is a way to give consumers the opportunity to eat what they want while making the meat and dairy they consume an even healthier choice. Extensive research and testing have proven that the addition of algae to feed stock improves the health and productivity of a wide range of animals at all life stages, and those advantages can continue up the food chain.

The issue is that growing algae in outdoor ponds can be...

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