Upcoming Webinar to Highlight Growth Opportunities for AgriTech Between Maryland and The Netherlands

EASTON, MD, USA, January 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world trend toward more locally-produced food requires a fundamental shift in how global food supply chains are organized and puts new demand on the technology needed to produce sufficient, high quality, diverse and healthy food. This topic and more will be explored in an upcoming webinar titled Growth Opportunities for AgriTech between Maryland and The Netherlands on Jan. 27 from 9 am-10.30 am ET (Maryland time) and 15.00-16.30 CET (The Netherlands time).

Both Maryland and The Netherlands focus strongly on local food production and ways to benefit from their central locations with easy access to densely populated areas. In 2019, the  the economic development agency for the Rotterdam-The Hague area in The Netherlands, to drive innovative collaborations between the two regions in several focus areas of mutual interest. The Jan. 27

The U.S. is seen as a growth market and Maryland is well positioned to attract further investment in AgTech and food production in general.”

— Rolf Karst, Project Manager Internationalization, InnovationQuarter

 webinar is part of a new initiative to connect the Dutch AgriTech sector with leading Maryland companies and organizations.

“In this webinar, both regions will highlight the commercial opportunities for innovative companies in the fields of agritech and aquatech,” said Mike Thielke, executive director of the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center, who is the moderator of the webinar and part of the planning team. “Our organization, which includes F3 Tech and CyberAg, in partnership with the state of Maryland, is ready to help soft land Dutch companies interested in entering the U.S. market.” 


In addition to highlighting opportunities for collaboration, the webinar will focus on timely topics like controlled environment agriculture and cybersecurity in agriculture.

“Progressing the Dutch AgriTech sector by working with Maryland companies is mutually beneficial, especially when looking at the crossover with cybersecurity,” said Rolf Karst, Project Manager Internationalization, InnovationQuarter. “The Dutch AgTech sector has a strong track record but is also evolving rapidly. For the sector to support current levels of R&D expenditure it is crucial to scale up the national and international activities. The U.S. is seen as a growth market and Maryland is well positioned to attract further investment in AgTech and food production in general. By supporting the collaboration of companies from both regions we want to stimulate this opportunity for more sustainable and healthy food production.

Event speakers include:
• Signe Pringle — Deputy Secretary, Maryland Department of Commerce
• Rolf Karst — Project Manager Internationalization, InnovationQuarter
• Eric Egberts — CEO, Dutch Greenhouse Delta
• Bert Feskens — Senior Programme Manager, Security Delta (HSD)
• Steve Connelly — Assistant Secretary of Marketing, Animal Industries and Consumer Services, Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA)
• Ewing McDowell — Maryland Department of Commerce
• Chris Hlubb — Program Director, F3 Tech
• Andrew Rose – Managing Director, CyberAg
• Nina Lamba — Assistant Director, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET)
• Mike Thielke (Moderator) — Executive Director, Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC)

The webinar is an initiative from InnovationQuarter, Maryland Department of Commerce, F3 Tech, Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Committee, Netherlands America Chamber of Commerce Washington Metro (NACCWM), CyberAg, IMET, Rotterdam Partners, Security Delta (SD) and the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

To register, please visit: https://events.innovationquarter.nl/MDNLwebinar

This is the first of several webinars the group plans to host in 2022. Webinar topics are expected to include cyberag; controlled environment agriculture; water management and responding to rising seas, unpredictable weather and climate change; row crop automation; best practices in multi-generational adaptive and resilient structural design.

About ESEC:
Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created in 2004 to help advance an entrepreneurship ecosystem on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. ESEC’s initiatives include the Chesapeake Agricultural Innovation Center (CAIC), CyberAg Symposium, F3 Tech, and hotDesks co-working. The programs encourage the organic development of high-growth, innovative, and scalable businesses and the jobs they create, with an emphasis on the region’s traditional industries of agriculture and seafood.

Source: EINPresswire.com

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