Eastern Shore Nonprofit to Offer Funding, Services to Innovative Agribusinesses

The Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center is seeking start-ups and beginning businesses specializing in agriculture and aquaculture innovation to participate in its next F3 Tech Accelerator Program.

F3 is short for Farm-Fish-Food, and the technical accelerator program aims to help agriculture and aquaculture operations become financially successful and sustainable as they navigate intensive periods of business growth. Up to $450,000 in funding and professional services will be available to selected participants.

Companies specializing in advanced chemical discovery, agricultural biotech solutions, alternative feed, crop health and energy storage are encouraged to apply for this year’s program.

“We know that great ideas are found everywhere, but few companies have the potential to execute on their dreams,” said Chris Hlubb, F3 Tech Accelerator Program director.

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Source: Eastern Shore Nonprofit to Offer Funding, Services to Innovative Agribusinesses, provided by Independent Messenger.

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