Underutilized Marine Organisms as Potential Aquaculture Feed Ingredients

Currently, much of the global aquaculture production is for fed organisms that rely heavily on formulated feed. Thus, the increase in aquaculture production has a generally linear relationship with the increase in feed production. The inclusion of fishmeal and fish oil, a common source of protein and lipids in aquafeeds in decades, has substantially declined and most raw materials in aquafeeds are now agricultural products produced in terrestrial systems.

The marine ecosystem offers vast opportunities for the production of produce seafood products and aquafeed raw materials. The intense competition for raw materials due to other human uses, which affects aquafeed supply, is a major motivation for the aquaculture sector to generate its own feed raw materials from marine sources.

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Source: Underutilized Marine Organisms as Potential Aquaculture Feed Ingredients, by Dedi Jusadi, Ph.D. Julie Ekasari, Ph.D. Muhammad Agus Suprayudi, Ph.D. Mia Setiawati, Ph.D. Ichsan Achmad Fauzi, Ph.D.

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