CyberAg 2021 – Recorded Presentation: Farm Management & Cyber Security: The Value of Farm Generated Data

Listen to CyberAg’s recording: Farm Management & Cyber Security: The Value of Farm Generated Data. As farms and farmers continue to work to maximize profitability, maximize production, and minimize input costs; more are turning to advanced technologies to help gain a competitive edge. Many technologies being deployed on the farm today are part of the Internet of Things which places large amounts of farm-generated data up into the cloud for analysis and storage. The focus of this session was to introduce Symposium attendees to some of the latest farm management technologies that are being used on the ground today. In addition, also demonstrating the great lengths that industry is taking to protect the valuable farm-generated data that farmers are relying on to make sound business decisions that allow them to be more competitive in the marketplace. This session is where on-farm technology and the need for cyber security awareness meet.

  • Introduction by: John Torres, Executive Director, Maryland Farm Bureau
  • Presentation by: Harold Larimer, Head of Information Security, Granular Farm Management Software, Dr. Patrick Watkins, Agronomist, Pioneer Hi-Bred International

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