CyberAg 2021 – Recorded Precision Ag: A Supply Chain of Connected Technologies Presentation

Listen to CyberAg’s Precision Ag recording: A Supply Chain of Connected Technologies. Precision agriculture is a network of embedded and connected technologies that includes distributed sensor networks, global positioning systems, farm information systems, autonomous farm equipment, automated chemical sprayers and smart devices, all connected by the Internet. The Department of Homeland Security regards precision agriculture as uniquely vulnerable, because it’s added a highly mechanical industry and connected it online, dramatically increasing the attack space. To understand the cybersecurity risk to this critical sector, Chris Haak, a former co-founder of the Skyward App Company, explains the digital ag landscape and supply chain.

  • Introduction by: Tasha Cornish, Executive Director, Cybersecurity Association of Maryland
  • Presentation by: Chris Haak, Consultant, HDS Technologies

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